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I have just made a decision to surrender my vision plan after 3 years and I will loose advisor kept bumping up my premium unbeknown to me that they getting commission every time and the fees are continued at the higher rate...these financial advisors are liars or economical with truth to steal your money and this plan is like hooking up with the mafia...i am glad I am getting out early and not feeding this greedy monster. After this...
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Dear Madame/Sir, would you been so kind to provide me with a full overview of the Generali Vision - 94006524 fees deducted from me. Nowhere on the webpage there is any indication in this respect. In the web there are several bad reviews in this regard and my concerns are growing by the minute. Several times I have asked for clarification but they have never come with a very non cooperative invitation to simply write the regulator. This together...
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True the surrender value is terrible in the early years but this was clearly shown to me in the illustration and I'm happy that after 10 years I will have saved a sizeable amount. Those posting on this website should understand that any policy with any company will have a low surrender value in the early years. The plan I have has had several peaks and troughs already but this will smooth out the longer the plan is in force. The policy was sold to me by a Financial Advisor I have known personally for over 25 years and Generali are certainly not a scam and anyone sold a Generali Vision...
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